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Treat Yourself With a Day of Pampering!

The moment you walk in the door, our focus is on relaxation. Our spa services are a great way to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life. 


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 

Himalayan rock salt is known to have a ton of benefits. With 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts that replenish the body’s largest organ, the skin, you’ll feel your skin radiating during a Himalayan salt stone session. These salts and minerals are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, which helps to eliminate harmful toxins that build up in your body.

♥ Improved sleep  ♥ Deep sense of relaxation ♥ Easier breathing

♥ Increased blood circulation ♥ Reduced signs of aging

♥Glowing, healthy skin

Like all other modalities, the benefits of Himalayan salt stone massage are compounded when you receive it on a routine basis.



Fireside Delight

As warm and relaxing as it sounds, warm your muscles with the spicy fragrance of bergamot, clove & the smoky notes of cedar wood. Wrapped in warmth while steamed towels melt you into a deep relaxation.



Winter Wonderland

Relax your mind and Body! Start with a sea salt body exfoliation followed by a deeply hydrating body mask. You are cocooned in warmth with an infrared blanket as your skin is nourished by the mask. During this time, you receive a new, face and scalp massage. Steamed towels are applied to bring you into a deep relaxation. Finish with a Swedish massage & custom essential oils blend.



Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating skin. It also helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Dry brushing unclogs pores in the exfoliation process. It also stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward.